About the Book


One Life

You have only one life. Open your eyes, and live your life today; tomorrow will come anyway. Make a choice, and you will get a chance.

In One Life, Saim A. Khan reaches out to people who have dreams but not the key to achieving them; the will but not the path to success; the strength but not the confidence needed to succeed. Most of all, he seeks to connect with people who have life but are merely existing rather than living.

In today’s intellectual environment, most relevant topics and concerns are overpowered by certain mindsets, a process that suppresses free will and independent thinking. Khan hopes to help loosen the grip of this environment and allow readers to bloom according to their own potential. He explores various aspects of individualism and happiness and considers how you can find and secure them, using methods that work best for you.

Taking a conversational approach, this book offers reflections designed to help you discover happiness, wellbeing, and peace in your own suitable way.